The leading cause of foundation failure in Houston is Poor drainage system Houston.  Be aware that heavy rain will lead to erosion and many other foundation problems due to the excessive amount of water. It is important to be aware of the warning signs of drainage system Houston problems, so you are able to act quickly avoid foundation failure.

Draining water away from the foundation can be accomplished by properly grading your drainage area. You must also keep your soil’s level close to 5 to 6 inches below wooden sections, for example the boards, frames, and sidings around your home to prevent wood rot and the infestation of ants, bugs or termites.

Begin by grading the foundation; water can go towards asphalts and concrete to runoff and irrigate the water, through forming contours. If you cannot contour the surface, your other option would be to have a professional install an underground drainage system Houston.

This is a very specialized field and requires a lot of experience.  Leon Foundation Repair’s Staff has 30 years of combined experience designing and installing drainage system Houston solutions for residential and commercial properties throughout the Houston Area.