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Foundation Repair Houston

Houston, Texas

“Leon Foundation Repair Houston were wonderful to work with.
They were very accurate in timing and letting me know what’s going on at all times, and they did a great job. The foreman was always on site explaining the process, therefore he ensured we were aware of what they were doing in our home.

Once the foundation repair Houston was done, they took measurements to show us the result. The clean up crew was also amazing, they left my home in great conditions. Thank you Leon Foundation Repair Houston.

I would highly recommend them.”

Frank R.,
Katy, Texas

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Foundation Repair Houston

Foundation Repair Houston

Foundation Repair Houston | Leon Foundation Repair Houston provides structural and foundation repair services that will ensure your home will be stronger than the day it was built. Our team of foundation repair Houston experts will ensure that you understand the process of foundation, because they will answer any questions that you may have. The foundation process will allow us to protect your home from any further damage or health risks to you and your family. Our Foundation Reapair Houston Service area includes all of the Greater Houston area, and Longview Texas area.

foundation repair houstonWe know how hard it is for property owners to look at all these different technologies; therefore decide what is best for you. Our Unique Pressed Pile System combined with our Foundation Repair Houston Lifetime Transferable Warranty, therefore provides you with the best solution that will outlast the home. Through our Lifetime Transferable Warranty program, we provide you and your family with a long lasting peace of mind, knowing that we will be there for you at all times.


Causes of Foundation Problems in Houston, Texas

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The soil and it’s interaction with water is the main cause for most foundation problems in the foundation, Texas area. In the Greater Houston, such as Galveston, Katy, Missouri City, Pearland, Sugar Land; and the entire southeast Texas tend to have a common feature of soils, which tend to be very expansive. Contact Us Today To Schedule Your FREE Estimate!

foundation repair houston

Foundation Repair Houston

Foundation Repair Houston

Such features make the clay that lies in the soils become dry; hence it leads to shrinking. Once the soil gets wet, and rehydrates, the soil will swell or expand. This constant cycle of wet and dryness, will cause structures to move; thus causing the building’s foundation to shift, and damage over time. A home’s foundation repair Houston is engineered to withstand these normal foundation movements; nevertheless over time it will lead to damages, if not properly maintained. If you begin to notice any foundation problems, call us immediately to schedule your free inspection.

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Climate Changes in Houston, Texas

Foundation Repair Houston, Texas

Climate changes in the foundation, Texas area have lead to many homes having foundation problems; as a result we have seen an increase of many homeowners witness at an even more rapid pace that their homes are falling apart. Due to the movements on the soil. Such movements have cause homes to shift, which have lead to drainage problems, such as flooding inside their home, and in particular their front and back yard. If you begin to notice any foundation problems, consequently call us immediately to schedule your free foundation inspection.

Foundation Repair Houston TX

FREE Foundation Repair Houston Inspection in Houston TX

Foundation Repair Houston Texas

If you are noticing cracks in your walls, near windows or doors, problems closing them, furthermore you need a site inspection to see if your foundation has failed. If you catch it early, the repair could be minimal. Do not procrastinate, the cost goes up! It can lead to damages on your home’s roof, therefore which will be even more costly to foundation. You will also risk in allowing mold to grow inside your home, in addition which will eventually cause health problems for you and your love ones.

Our foundation repair Houston expert will take measurements all over your home to know the exact depth of your problem, if any foundation problem exists. They will then explain what the pros and cons are in moving forward. Our experts are their to ensure all your questions are answered, and any doubts our cleared. It is important for Leon Foundation Repair Houston to ensure that the homeowner is well aware of the status of their home’s foundation. Our goal is to ensure that once we leave your home, you are well aware of all the necessary information, so you are able to make a sound decision. We can assist in your decision process by showing you personalized data of your home’s foundation.

It is imperative to have a foundation repair Houston expert inspect your home immediately; Leon Foundation Repair Houston offers FREE foundation inspections.

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Foundation Repair Houston Cost

The foundation repair Houston cost is most likely at the top of your list in the decision making process. You want to maintain the value of your property and protect the safety of your family. But you certainly don’t want to get a “shady” unreliable company involved. Choosing the right foundation repair company is an important decision, as it effects one of your most valued investment, your property.
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